Friday, 27 April 2018

Making Boxes

Making the boxes for my Semi Baritone and 00 Parlor guitars. This work is one of my favorite parts. Weeks spent making the tops, backs and necks and then all of a sudden within days it looks like a guitar. It always amazes me. 

Monday, 23 April 2018

Five Years of Voss Guitars

Five Years. I can't believe its already been five years ago since I began renovating the place that would become the home of Voss Guitars. Five incredible years. I am building guitar No. 25 this year. With every build I get more ideas and more input. That's something I really love about this job.
I worked as a postman for two years. Then didn't get another contract and stayed"unemployed" for a year. With a small business. This way the I would get my unemployment benefit and my insurance taken care off with the condition I don't earn any money with the workshop. Which I didn't anyway. Till this day I can only pay the bills and buy some wood for the next guitars. Our first child was born. I am part time in my shop and taking care of my son. That time was crazy ups and downs.
I went full time after this year. I had enough of a backlog and couldn't find a job that would allow me to do both job and workshop. It worked out quite well for six months. But I needed orders to back it up and I wanted to spend time at home. I got another job. Working logistics at IKEA.
Having a job to support really took some of the stress out. Now I could focus on my guitars. And taking the time I needed for them. Last year our daughter was born. I try and spend as much time at home as possible and keep the shop going. It's two different worlds, the family and the shop. I am lucky and I feel very fortunate to have them both.


...five years later...

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Some more pictures of my latest build. This CL Nylon string is now with its new owner and started its journey outside of the Voss Guitars workshop.