Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Here's a preview of the next modell. I just placed a bridge and fingerboard on the places they are to be later to check the looks.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The box is closed

It was the first time I bend Honduran Rosewood. An interesting experience because there are huge differences in bending different types of wood. With a density of around 950 to 1025 kg/m³ Honduran Rosewood is very hard. This makes the bending process like you really work the wood to shape, patiently waiting for the right moment when the wood becomes flexible.
I tried bending with water and without but I preferred to bend without using water.     

After the sides have been bend and cut to length, they are fitted in slots cut into the neck piece. When the sides fit into these slots the top will be fit and glued to the neck piece. I leave this for about an hour or maybe even over night for the glue to set. Now the box can be assembled. The sides are now glued into the slots and the end block is glued in.     

Next thing is to glue the peones (or glue blocks) in. They are all done separately! After they have dried I can shape the sides to the correct height and curve for the back. With this curved shape the back is slightly domed after it is glued to the sides. But before this can be done the kerfed lining need to be glued in place and the side braces are glued in as well. 
With all this done everything is checked and sanded clean. I like the inside of a guitar to be as clean as the outside, except the finish of course.