Saturday, 8 August 2015

Negative Neckangle

This guitar is the other one of the two prototype models I have built. It is a very special model with lots of extra features.
Starting with a German alpine spruce top and maple back and sides. The top is braced with a X/lattice hybrid bracing. It has a cedro neck, which more commonly is used for classical guitars, with carbon reinforcement to keep it stable and features a fan fret fingerboard with a 650 mm scale on the lowest to a 630 mm scale on the highest string. The straight fret (normal fret position) is the fifth fret.
Also the neck is build with a negative neckangle to create an elevated fingerboard and to drive the top in a different manner. A bit more harplike.
The slotted headstock and the unique straight bridge are designed for this guitar to work with the body shape and get the look of a classical guitar.
It also features the Laskin armrest and palm rest for comfort and easy access to the highest frets. In addition with the raised fingerboard this feature really turned out nicely and comfortable!       

The rosette is strongly inspired by Jason Costals stained glass rosettes and is made with steamed pear wood and black dyed veneers. This is a totally custom work as I only do one rosette like this at a time and it takes several hours to execute!