Saturday, 21 October 2017

No. 20

Guitar No. 20 featuring a cedar top and European walnut back and sides. It is the first sunburst guitar I have build....but won't be the last.

The very first guitar I bought myself from money I saved from Christmas and birthday was a Johnson Dreadnought with a sunburst. I sold that later and bought and old 1984 Ibanez Jumbo. Also with a sunburst. This guitar later became my first "victim" after I started working with a luthier and needed to get my hands onto something and try French polishing. I sanded and scraped off the lacquer which was really thick and took forever. But the lacquer was gone and so was the burst and I would make my first experience with shellac. The polishing was no good but the guitar really improved and I was quite happy with it.
So after all this years without a sunburst guitar, again I needed one in my life.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

On the Couch

For those of you who missed the obligatory couch pictures. Here is some more of the short scale SJ 12 fret. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, 2 October 2017


And the finished guitar No.22. This was a really interesting and enjoyable build and I will go back a little bit although I might repeat myself. So here's the story:
In 2016 I was approached by a guy asking me to build his dream guitar. He knew on point what he wanted in terms of body style, scale, neck width, and sound of course. His guitar should be a small jumbo with a short scale of 630 mm but with a neck/body joint at the twelth fret. A wide fretboard with 47 mm at the nut and 58 mm at the 12th fret. That would suit his fingerstyle playing.
For the sound we wanted very round trebles with less overtones than a rosewood. So we picked up a set of European Walnut and an Alpine spruce soundboard.
A year later he came and picked up his guitar (which is always a good day). I knew the sound I had achieved with the finished guitar would be somewhere in the ballpark of what he had described but it was so rewarding to see the smile in his face with the first strokes and notes he played on his new guitar. This is one of the best parts of being a luthier.
A few days later he wrote me mail saying he was very happy and it was exactly what he had hoped for. How fortunate I am to have customers like him who enable me to do the work that I love.No   


Finishing No.22

This guitar has already been picked up by the new owner so I am a bit behind with these pictures but I wanted to share them anyway. So more pictures of the finished guitar are following very soon.