strung up unfinished

Strung up but still unfinished... I put strings on my Da Vinci model yesterday because I couldn't wait to hear the sound! It is build with a German Alpine Spruce top and Honduras Rosewood back and sides. The top is almost finished with French polish and just needs some final touches. With all the rest the pores are filled and sanded. I haven't made up my mind whether I am going to do it completely in shellac. Or maybe consider a wax finish. 
After a few days the string tension has set on the top and I can get a clue of where the sound journey is going.
Couch photos coming soon...


  1. Wo bleiben denn jetzt die Couch-Photos? ;)
    Und wohin geht die Sound-Reise? Ich beobachte das Projekt ja schon einige Zeit und die Neugier ist immer noch da..
    Oder ist de Gitarre schon weg?..:)


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