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The Oystercatcher #40

While my shoulder needs time to heal and get better I might have a chance to catch up with some of the work I have done in the last year but didn't find the time to share. I have to admit I am guilty of using my spare minutes rather often passively watching something instead of working on my own content. So lets change that a little.   This is a 000-28 style guitar which is my "Oystercatcher" model and it is very dear to my heart. The model name occured during a vacation at the north sea on a beautiful island. One of the local birds there is the Oystercatcher. I was working on my first guitar with this new OM shape and somehow the long red beak and the black and white stuck with me. 000-28 means that it is a short scale of 630 mm with the herringbone purfling around the top and a rather simple three ring rosette. The woods used are salvaged redwood for the top and Malaysian blackwood for the back and sides. Fingerboard, headcap and bridge are ebony, the neck is Honduran m

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