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Still crazy after all these Years

There is something I realised about my approach for this blog. When I started it I would take some photos along the process of building the guitars. Sometimes because I wanted to show something or I liked a certain setting, maybe even just a shaving, or the light was beautiful. And the finished instruments of course. I always enjoyed the photography and so later on I decided to invest in a better camera and bought a Canon DSLR, the 1200 D. Soon I bought another lense, it came as a kit but honestly the kid lense really isn`t that good. And I bought another lense... Now with the equipement I had to learn how to use I would dive deeper in the art of photography and I quickly learned that the best way to learn photography is, well, to take photos. A lot of them. And look at them and evaluate what you have done and whta works and what doesn`t. Very similar to making guitars actually. Or making anything.  The problem is that this leads to many many photos on my desktop, and I won`t complain

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